October Rifle Results…

As usual, the Schützenfest kicks off with the cold bore Wettschiessen. Six rounds on the A5 and six rounds on the B4. A score of 45 points is OK.

The Feldschiessen is 18 rounds on a single B4 target. Six rounds slow fire, two three round strings of sustained fire followed by six rounds rapid fire. I managed to rack up 64 points out of a possible 72.

After a break was the Einzelwettschiessen. A slow fire match of either 10 or 15 rounds. I was doing well for the first ten rounds so I decided to fire an additional five rounds hoping to score at least a 130.

With a resultant 131 points, I elected to go for it and have a stab at the Meisterschaft!

Fifteen rounds fired from the kneeling position is not easy. In the end, it was a valiant but fruitless endeavor. At least I have a medal score in the Einzelwettschiessen and another Feldschiessen Karte!

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2 Responses to October Rifle Results…

  1. wU3*s62^zX76EQ%jrJJ4v8A$bE&Ju^ says:

    Terrific John! Always enjoy reading about your range exploits!

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