Police Pistol Combat season finale…

Yesterday was the last match for the 2020 Delaware Law Enforcement Marksmanship Association. Of the three relays I fired, my first scored a 460-21X out of a possible 480-48X. This did not help my season high average. My second run was better with a 463-21X. This did help things a little.

My final relay was much better. I started out by hammering Stage “A” with a near perfect 180-15X!

Stage “B” finished well despite that “8” up at 1 o’clock. The total for the relay came out to be a 469-26X! Combined with the 471-27X from last month, my season high average is an excellent 467.66 points @ 97.43%. This is actually better than my last year’s 2nd place position with 467.33 points @ 97.36%! So yeah, I’m feeling pretty good.    

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7 Responses to Police Pistol Combat season finale…

  1. Outstanding, John! Very impressive!

  2. lrrifleman says:

    Hi! After reading the beginning of your post, I must question: the November 14th and December 12th matches that appeared on the Naticoke club’s website have been cancelled?

  3. lrrifleman says:

    Are the matches scheduled for November and December in error, or will there be a match? They are still on the calendar of the Naticoke Sportsmans Club. Not looking forward to making a useless trip. Thanks.

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