Some fitting may be involved…

A part of my home defense plan involves my Remington 870HD 12 gauge shotgun. Up until now it has remained out of the box stock. Under the idea of more is better, I decided to increase the onboard ammunition capacity.

Remington HD (1)

An interesting thing about this Remington is the length of the fore end. With the bolt closed, the rear of the fore end is not much forward of the receiver.

Remington HD (2)

With the bolt open, the fore end is now back to the middle of the ejection port.

Remington HD (3)

I neglected to take this into account when I installed a Tacstar sidesaddle shell carrier. The carrier was a simple five minute installation. And then I racked the action. The bolt stopped only halfway back! I had failed to heed the admonition of “some fitting may be required”. The tail of the fore end was hitting the sidesaddle and preventing full travel to the rear. Since the length of the fore end is merely for aesthetics, relieving  a portion would not be an issue.

Five minutes with a dremel, and two cuts provided the needed clearance.

While the cuts are not machine perfect, it is of little concern as eventually the fore end will be replaced with one having an integral flashlight.

Remington HD (4)

Remington HD (5)

Remington HD (8)


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2 Responses to Some fitting may be involved…

  1. Hal G. Brown says:

    Excellent work… love it.

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