The only 9mm I own….

Yes, really. I own but one pistol chambered for the ubiquitous 9mm Parabellum. I have had others in the past, some of which I regret trading. I especially regret trading a very fine Inglis GP-35.

Nevertheless, the lone Parabellum is a classic Beretta service pistol. The precursor to the famous Model 92 (US military M9), the Modello 1951 was the first 9x19mm pistol produced by oldest gun maker in the world.

Beretta 1951 (1)

Looking at both sides of the pistol there is an anomaly for the time period in which I bought the pistol.

The shop where I acquired this pistol actually had a pair of M1951s. One had import markings on the slide. The other had them on the frame. Since I had known the dealer for many years, he allowed me to swap slides. Now the pistol that I would take home with me would have no import markings to spoil it’s classic lines.

Beretta 1951 (2)

The large button just in front of the grip tang is a cross bolt type safety. Pressing against it with the side of my thumb’s knuckle after drawing enables it to fire when carried in Condition One. The large button at the bottom of the grip is the magazine release. In a departure from the de rigueur European heel latch, the Beretta release is easily manipulated with my left thumb as my support hands drops down to retrieve another magazine. So while the controls are quite different to the usual American user, they have not been a hindrance to me in competition.

Beretta 1951 (3)

Factory PB markings on the eight round magazine show it is of factory origin.

Beretta 1951 (4)

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