2020 Police Pistol Combat season schedule

Here is the 2020 season schedule for the Delaware Law Enforcement Marksmanship Association.

APR 11, MAY 9, JUN 13, JUL 11, AUG 8, SEP 12, OCT 10




Open to police and civilians alike. Beginners are welcome. We shoot the NRA stock auto/revolver course of fire. Forty-eight rounds on a B-27 target from 3 to 25 yards.
All magazines are loaded with 6rds.

String #1: 6rds from the holster standing strong hand only in 8 seconds at 3yds.
String #2: 12rds from the holster with 2 hands standing in 20 seconds at 7yds.
String #3: 12rds from the holster with 2 hands standing in 20 seconds at 15yds.
String #4: 18rds from the holster with 2 hands in 90 seconds at 25yds. First 6rds are kneeling right side barricade. Second 6rds are standing left hand barricade. Last 6rds are standing right hand barricade.

The yearly dues are $25.00 which pays for the award banquet at the end of the year. The first relay is $15.00, any subsequent relays for the day are $10.00. We compete once a month at the Naticoke Sportsman’s range in Seaford, DE. For any questions, contact Gene Esham @ 302-381-7711

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20 Responses to 2020 Police Pistol Combat season schedule

  1. JOHN WALSH says:

    Are there separate revolver and auto divisions?

    • Wheelguns and pistols compete together since there so few revolver competitors here. Should the numbers grow sufficiently then they would be in separate categories. I shoot both to maintain a classification for both.

  2. Edward Zebedies says:

    I noticed that myoptivisionary45acp mentioned maintaining classification. Are the scores submitted to NRA for PPC classification? Also, will classifications be issued for civilians?

  3. Edward Zebedies says:

    I forgot to ask. Are these matches “sanctioned”?

  4. Edward Zebedies says:

    A few questions, please.
    a) At what time does match registration/squadding end?
    b) How long is the match day?
    c) Is it possible to have civilian scores submitted to the NRA for classification, since by NRA rules, it is permissible?


    • The matches start at 0900. They run about 30 minutes per relay. Most match days last four or five relays. As long as you show up by around 1030, you should be able to get squadded. I will have to get clarification about civilian classifications.

  5. Edward Zebedies says:

    How is your current match schedule affected by Delaware’s COVID 19 restrictions.

    • The first match may be canceled. I am going to call the match director later.

      • Edward Zebedies says:

        If the match is still on, do you require pre-registration? My intention is to shoot both revolver and pistol. Are 1911s permitted or do you require striker or DA/SA or DAO pistols? Thanks.

    • The April and May matches are canceled due to the current emergency. Hopefully the matches will resume in June.
      No preregistration is required. I shoot both my 1911 and my Python.

      • Edward Zebedies says:

        Morning. Is there any word on the June and July matches, or might it coincide with when out-of-staters can visit without the 14 day self-quarantine mandate?

  6. To date, the matches are still on hold. As soon as I hear anything different I will post it here.

  7. lrrifleman says:

    Hello, me again! Asking since Bridgeville has resumed it’s matches, I was wondering, is the July 11 match still on hold? Thanks!

  8. Yes. I received short notice of the resumption of the season just before July’s match. I posted the results. So far the season continues as scheduled.

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