The Belfast Gun…

Awhile back, I had shown my Ruger .22 while demonstrating the OSS string holster.






But I did not go into the genesis of the resultant pistol which has been given the moniker of “The Belfast Pistol” by some of my cohorts.

The pistol started out as a stock Ruger 22/45 MkIII. I liked the grip as it fit my hand like my M1911. But it had fixed sights that did not give a precise sight picture. Despite this, I got it for a song and kept it stock for a number of years of enjoyable shooting.


Ruger rimfire pistols have the serial number on the barreled receiver, making that part the firearm in the eyes of the ATF. So the pictures below are of two guns not one. Tactical Solutions introduced their Pac-Lite anodized aluminum receiver to fit Ruger grip assemblies. Simply field strip the pistol and reassemble with the new receiver. This was well before Ruger came out with their own line of light weight pistols.


Ruger MkIII 45 F

The firearm is a simple tube receiver and barrel unit.

Ruger MkIII 45 G

Ruger MkIII 45 J

Ruger MkIII 45 K

Ruger MkIII 45 L

Before I acquired the Pac-Lite receiver, I did some modifications to the stock Ruger. I replaced the trigger with a better one from Volquartsen. Next, the bolt stop detent was removed so that reloading could be accomplished one handed.

Pictured below is the stock receiver with a long slot down the side. This was where the loaded chamber indicator once resided. Before I removed it, the LCI would protrude from the side to show there was a round in the chamber. LCIs are superfluous at best and dangerous at the worst. In this case, it was a dangerous appendage. With a round chambered, the LCI was pushed out by the rim of the cartridge. Remember, this is a rimfire cartridge! Should the LCI be struck if the pistol is dropped, the cartridge will fire.

The protruding LCI will also prevent the holstering of a loaded pistol in some cases.

Ruger MkIII 45 M

This is the LCI in operation on a similar Ruger.

Ruger MkIII 45 N

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