Police Pistol Combat finale…

Well, this was the last hurrah for the 2019 Delaware Law Enforcement Marksmanship Association competitive season. I started the day in the NRA Stock Auto match using my Kimber Custom II .45ACP. This is my everyday carry, competition, things that go bump in the night pistol.

Kimber Custom II (1)

Stage “A” went smoothly with a near perfect score.

10-12-19 Pistol (1)

Stage “B” finished the match with a pair of “8”s and a lone “7” marring an otherwise stellar group. I was happy with the resultant 464-19X.  My season ends with a high average of 467.33 points @ 97.36%. This puts me just below last year’s 468.66 points @ 97.63%.

10-12-19 Pistol (2)

For the NRA Stock Revolver Match, I used my 4” Colt Python .357 Magnum. This was my service revolver from days gone by.

7-13-19 (1)

In Stage “A”, the old wheelgun dropped no points with that lone shot at 3 o’clock breaking the “10” ring.

10-12-19 Revolver (1)

Finishing up with Stage “B”, I let only a pair of “8”s slide wide. I was happy to conclude the competition with a 464-19X out of a possible 480-48X. Thus my revolver season ends with a high average of  459.66 points @ 95.76%!

Come on 2020!

10-12-19 Revolver (2)


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2 Responses to Police Pistol Combat finale…

  1. Hal Brown says:

    Outstanding! A good shot must necessarily be a good man since the essence of good marksmanship is self-control and self-control is the essential quality of a good man.
    -Theodore Roosevelt

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