September Rifle Competition results…

The usual triple-header started off with the requisite Service Rifle match. I proceeded to “pick up gun, drop brain”. I was mashing the trigger with wild abandon. The resultant dismal 414-13X out of a possible 500-50X was disheartening.

But that was it for the first match.

Next up was the Combat Rifle match. I shrugged off the previous results and set about to do better.

9-28-19 (1)

9-28-19 (5)

Despite the fact that I was the only competitor shooting an iron sights rifle, I managed to win the day with a 177-13V out of a possible 200-40V.

Rounding out the day is the Swiss Schützenfest.


In the Feldschiessen, I was not as consistent with my sling pressure as I would have liked but I fired a 64 out of a possible 72 points. This earned me a medal score for the fourth time this year!


9-28-19 Feldschiessen

The Einzelwettschiessen is a tough match. With such tight scoring rings, a slight error costs many points. All through the match, I kept everything inside the “8” ring. Until…

My final shot felt sloppy and landed in the “7” ring. This had me worried as the match director tallied my score. That “7” hurt me, but not enough. With the silver medal cutoff being 84 points, my official record score was an 84-1X!

9-28-19 Einzelwettschiessen

To the right of me is Team Thompson.

9-28-19 (5).JPG

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