September PPC match results…

Next to the last match of the 2019 DLEMA season. My best run with the pistol for the started great with no points down for Stage “A”.

9-14-19 Pistol (1)

I lost some ground on Stage “B”. That group of six shots in the upper right area of the “9” ring were from the weak hand part of the barricade portion. The pair of “8”s ensured that no improvement in my seasonal pistol average would be forthcoming.

9-14-19 Pistol (2)

The resultant score of 464-16X fell short of improving my current high average of 467.33 points @ 97.36%.

But there was good news’

I have been shooting one relay per match with a revolver. The goal being to fire enough rounds for record to receive an NRA Police Revolver classification.

I did well in Stage “A”, dropping only two points.

9-14-19 Revolver (1)

Stage “B” was tough, especially the weak hand portion of the barricade. Manipulating that long double action trigger pull with my left hand is daunting.

9-14-19 Revolver (2)

But I managed to post a total score of 454-18X. My revolver average now stands at 455.66 points @ 94.93%.













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