Doubleheader rifle match results…

There was no joy for me at the Bucks County Fish & Game matches.

In the Service Rifle competition, I was doing everything wrong. I picked up my rifle and put my brain in my back pocket. The best stage of the match was slow fire prone but all I could manage was a meager 179-2X out of a possible 200-20X. I finished a full 40 points behind my nearest competitor.

8-24-19 (1)

While I fared better in the Schützenfest, I still failed to earn any awards for the day. In the Einzelwettschiessen, I missed the cut by two points

I did a little better in the Feldschiessen. Those two high shots were one too many. I missed earning another Karte by one point! So; in addition to not winning anything, I also broke my streak of earning a Karte in every Feldschiessen match fired. I am now 4 for 5.



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