Police Pistol Combat Results…

Today was the third month of competition for the Delaware Law Enforcement Marksmanship Association.

Every month I fire three relays. My low score for the day was a 454-15X out of a possible 480-48X. This did nothing to help my season high average. My second relay was markedly better with a score of 463-21X. My last relay started out great for the first half with me dropping no points and losing only 4 “X”s in the “10” ring!

31E18303-4CD1-4C26-96C3-47C190D98E19The second half did well up to the weak hand barricade. Firing lefty, some shots got a little loose. A pair of “8”s resulted along with far too many “9”s. Nevertheless, this was the high score for my morning.

The resultant 464-20X along with the preceding 463-21X pushed my high average up from 458.66 points to 464.33 points @ 96.73%!



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