Schützenfest results…

Saturday’s Schützenfest was a grand time as always. My 1942 K31 did it’s part well. Me, well that is another story. I did and I didn’t.


K31 (2)

I was happy with the Feldschiessen match. The B4 target; despite the superimposed A10 scoring rings, is scored as shown here.


Nothing outside of the black is always a good sign. I got a little loose but the group was nicely centered. The resultant 62 points was good enough to anchor me another Karte! So far this year, I am three for three.

5-25-19 Feldschiessen


The Einzelwettschiessen is a prone slow fire match. It can fired with either 10 or 15 rounds with a cut off score of either 84 or 126 points. If the shooter fires the 15 round match he can continue with another 15 rounds on a separate A10 target firing from the kneeling position. To date, I have only done well enough to shoot the Meisterschaft once. In May of 2017 I had posted an Einzelwettschiessen score of 137 points. I was encouraged to press on and shoot the Meisterschaft. It was very difficult but I posted a good score. The total of 248 points was just enough to earn me a silver medal!

But that was not to be this time. I was doing very well though the initial ten rounds. Since I already earned a medal score of 84 points the previous month, I elected to fire another  five rounds with the plan to continue with the Meisterschaft.

I should have stopped at the first ten and been happy with another medal score. Nope, the last of the five rounds killed it. That “4” at 4 o’clock ruined everything. With a tally of 122 points, this Einzelwettschiessen goes in the books as “should have quit while you were ahead”.

5-25-19 Einzelwettschiessen

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2 Responses to Schützenfest results…

  1. “Quit when you’re ahead,” or “keep firing away!” Two perspectives with opposite conclusions. Your not one to sit back and ponder what the results might have been, John! You took the leap and keep going… I’d have done the same. All in all, you did great!

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