CMP Eastern Games Day Two… Results

Today was a new day. I was determined to shrug off yesterday’s poor showing. This morning I competed using my semi-auto M4. It is light, handy and combat effective. But how would it fare against full size AR-15s in competition? With it’s 14.5″ barrel (with a permanently affixed extended flash suppressor to bring it to a legal 16″ length), the sight radius is very short.

Eastern Games M4 (2)

With my five sighting rounds being all “9”s and “10”s, I felt good to go. Slow fire prone, ten rounds in ten minutes. My first shot for record was a loud “click”. I ejected the round and inspected it. The primer was inserted in the cartridge case backwards! I chambered a fresh round and continued. This glitch rattled me and my first two shots were “8”s. With one more “8” later on, I finished with “9”s and “10”s for a total of 90-1X. Good, but it should have been better. Next up was the rapid fire prone stage, ten rounds in 80 seconds with a reload in the middle. Here I did much better with “9”s and “10”s to include two “X”s! The resultant 96-2X really helped. Last stage to fire was the dreaded standing offhand position. I started off shaky with an “8” and a “7”. A pair of “10”s and the rest of the string was all “9”s. A final score of 275-3X secured me a bronze medal!

Eastern Games M4 1st fire scorecard

Eastern Games MMR Bronze Medal

So far I fired all three of my rifles once. I still had one match left on my dance card. For my second relay of the day I opted to repeat with my M4. Up until now I had neglected to photograph the scoring monitor showing the result of each string of fire. My apologies for the sun glare on the screen. My slow fire prone score was a stellar 98-1X. If only I had fired this score earlier I would have bagged a silver medal.

Eastern Games M4 refire SP

I started out well in the rapid fire prone. But I started leaning too hard against the rifle’s sling, pushing my shots low and right. An 84-0X really hurt.

Eastern Games M4 refire RP

Standing offhand… my personal nemesis. A “7” and a pair of “6”s sealed my fate.

Eastern Games M4 refire Standing

Total score… 263-2X. Not good enough.

Eastern Games M4 refire scorecard

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