CMP Eastern Games Day One… Results

OK, the first day of Games competition is in the record book. But you will not see my name in the awards lineup.

First up was the M1 Garand. I have won awards in numerous venues with this rifle, so I know that it is up to the task.


No, today was all about me, and my inability to properly squeeze the trigger. Right out of the gate I was not on my game. A pair of “6”s in the slow fire prone! Really? Instead of a mid to high “90”s score, I garnered a meager 81 points. In the rapid fire stage I began with a “7” and later sent one off the reservation. Another 81 points when I should be in the “90”s. While an “81-1X” in the standing position is not terrible, a pair of “5”s meant it should have been better. A total score of 243-2X means no joy in Mudville for me.

Eastern Games score M1 Garand

After the disappointing run with the Garand, I chose to use my M1903A3 in the second match.

Starting off with “8”s and “9”s is not good. Cross firing the next shot on to an adjacent target was my death knell. The damage was done, the result was a dismal 75-0X! I did improve in the rapids but not nearly enough. 82-0X would not extricate me. I was completely rattled in the standing stage. A single “10” and a pair of “9”s was the best I could muster. Again the number “81” was mocking me. So the end result of my woeful effort was a pitiful 238-0X.

But tomorrow is another day.


Eastern Games score M1303A3

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