Season opener results…

As planned, I used my 1943 M1 carbine for both the National Match Course and the Combat Rifle match. The carbine performed well; my brain on the other hand, not so much.

While I did OK in the standing offhand, the two rapid fire stages were my undoing. Since the club has neither pits nor electronic targets, a target repair center is placed below the record target. This way only one trip downrange is needed to score the match. Just before the rapid fire sitting stage is fired, two sighters are allowed on the lower target. After the two sighter shots, the stage consists of 10 rounds for record in 50 seconds with a magazine change in the middle. What did I do? I fired my first four shots on the sighter target before realizing my error! An instant forty points lost before the match is over.

What could I do to make matters worse now? Easy, do the EXACT same thing on the rapid fire prone! Yes, I did just that. Here is the resulting target with only six rounds for score. All “9”s and “10”s, it could have been a good score… if only.

03-13-19 M1 Carbine RP

So with 80 points lost before scoring even starts, the NMC was a wash. The Combat Rifle match went much better with no errors. While I came in third over all, I was first in my class!

The Schützenfest is where I shine. I turned in a good score in the cold bore Wettschiessen.

03-13-19 Wetttschiessen (1)

03-13-19 Wetttschiessen (2)

After this was the Obligatorisches Programm, the Swiss qualifier. Good to go, I passed!


03-13-19 Obligatorisches (2)

Next up was the Feldschiessen. Eighteen shots for score on the B4 target. Six rounds slow fire followed by two strings each of three rounds timed fire and finished with six rounds rapid fire. I turned in a score of 62 which was good enough to earn a Karte for my wall!

03-13-19 Feldschiessen

The day concluded with the Einzelwettschiessen. Ten rounds in ten minutes slow fire with only the rifle sling for support on the difficult A10 target. Unfortunately, I was not maintaining consistent sling tension on the rifle which caused my group to string downward. The result was a dismal 67 points. No joy today.

03-13-19 Einzelwettschiessen



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