David vs Goliath….

The first rifle match of the year for me is March 16. I will not be using my AR-15A2 for the Service Rifle and Combat Rifle matches. Instead, I will compete with my 1943 M1 Carbine. So why am I driving a Pinto in a NASCAR race? Sure the carbine will competitive in the Combat Rifle match; but in the Service Rifle, no hope.

At the end of April are the Eastern Games. Last year I earned a silver medal in the Carbine Match. So I am using this month’s match as practice under match conditions. At the Games, the Carbine Match is fired at 100 yards. The Bucks County matches are also fired at 100 yards using reduced range targets for the longer range stages. Ok, so perhaps me competing with the “War Baby” may inflict some psychological warfare on the others. All’s fair on the firing line right?



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