Four years of Swiss rifle competition…

Over the past four years of competing at the Bucks County Fish & Game Association in Doylestown, PA I have shown steady improvement. In the upper left corner is the results of 2015. I qualified and earned three Feldschiessen kartes. Below that are two frames from the 2016 season. I improved by adding to my Feldshiessen tally by one plus being the overall winner as designated by the large karte next to the Obligatorisches Programm award. The middle column of frames is from 2017. I improved from 2016 by earning awards in the Einsellwettschiessen and the Swiss vs Mauser match. The high point for the season was being awarded a Meisterschaft certificate! On the right side are the 2018 results. Disregard the Hanseatic certificate in with the Swiss qualification. I did not have a smaller frame. I did set a club record by earning a Feldschiessen karte in every match held, eight out of eight! I can’t wait for spring to get here!


Swiss awards 2015-2018

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