2018 Bucks County Rifle Awards…

December 15th, 2018.

2018 has been a great year for me competing at the Bucks County Fish & Game Association in Doylestown, PA. As a side note, we did not receive any medals today since the previous supplier refuses to supply shooting awards any more. A new engraver has been found who promises to supply a superior product. The match director informed us that we would receive all medals earned at the next match.

This year, I did only fair all season long in the NRA Service Rifle matches. Until June that is. Using my home built AR-15A2 as-issue rifle, I earned a silver medal in the Service Rifle (B) class!

2018 BCF&GA Combat Match SRA 1

2018 BCF&GA Combat Match SRA 2

I also competed in the Combat Rifle match with my M14 that I built using a Reese Surplus M14 parts kit on an Armscorp receiver. I turned in the highest “any rifle” score and won the gold medal!

2018 BCF&GA Combat Match SRB 1

2018 BCF&GA Combat Match SRB 2

One of my favorite matches is the Norwegian Stangskyting competition. Since Norway used to issue M1 Garands to their military, I can use my CMP Garand in this rapid fire contest. I now have won this match for three years running.

2018 Hanseatic Match B

2018 Hanseatic Match C

Swiss Schützenfest

My K31 has been good to me.

2018 BCF&GA Schutzenfest Awards

I qualified in the first match of the season.

2018 Obligatorisches Programm

In the course of the season, I competed in eight Feldschiessen matches. Eight times I posted a medal score and earned a Karte!

2018 Feldschiessen A

2018 Feldschiessen B

My highest score in the very challenging Einselwettschiessen was an 88-1X. Losing to a friend by one point, I bagged the silver medal!

2018 Einselwettschiessen

Being the last match date for the season, today was the Swiss Karabiner vs German Gewehr competition. Fifteen rounds in three stages on the difficult A10 target.

2018 Swiss vs Mauser Match B

For the second year in a row, I got the high score and brought home one of these.

2018 Swiss vs Mauser Match A


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  1. Dierk Lüthi says:

    ” … previous supplier refuses to supply shooting awards any more. … ” Ooh, shooting is not ‘politically correct’! :-(. By the way, I can help with your German spelling if you want me to ….

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