One gun, many tasks…

Every firearm owner has that one gun that they would never part with.

For me, it is my Kimber Custom II in .45ACP. It is my PPC competition pistol, carry pistol and something went bump in the night pistol.



From the factory it came with a beavertail grip safety, flared ejection port and and an extended trigger with a smooth, crisp pull.

Kimber Custom II (3)


The rear sight is dovetailed in place with a set screw. The rear surface is grooved to reduce sun glare. Which it does nicely.

Kimber Custom II (5)

The front sight is set in a dovetail as well.

Kimber Custom II (6)

Together, they provide a crisp sight picture.

Kimber Custom II (7)

The pistol comes with a recoil spring guide rod.

Kimber Custom II (8)

Since this pistol was bought for serious purposes, I did make a few modifications to suit my needs.

The factory grip panels were swapped out for a set of Hogue wrap around finger groove rubber grips. The pistol never shifts in my hands.


The factory thumb safety had a ridge where the flat surface transitioned towards the pivot point. Since I shoot with my firing hand thumb resting on the safety lever, I found this ridge to be a nuisance. Fifteen minutes with course and fine files solved the issue.

Kimber Custom II (10)

Being a working pistol, I never bothered to refinish the filed area.

Kimber Custom II (11)

The Kimber came with angled bevels on the sides of the magazine well. Using the files again, I beveled the front and rear  of the well. Reloads are fast and smooth.

Kimber Custom II (12)

At the end of the competition season, I replace the recoil spring as a matter of personal policy. I also replace any magazine springs as needed.

Kimber Custom II (13)

I use only Kimber Tac-Mags in my pistol.

Kimber Custom II (14)

Since the magazine is the weak link in any self loading firearm, every magazine is individually numbered.

Kimber Custom II (16)

I prefer these Tac-Mags as the method of base plate attachment is superior to that of the popular Wilson 47D magazine.

Kimber Custom II (15)

Kimber Custom II (17)

I have carried this pistol for a lot of years and I have a comforting faith in it. Thousands of rounds fired with no repairs needed. Lead round nose, semi-wadcutters, hardball and JHP(+P) ammunition, this pistol eats it all up. Still using the original factory barrel, it still shoots accurately. Sure it has holster wear marks and such; but again, it is a working pistol.

7-8-17 A

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