Lee-Enfield No.4, Mk.I

Some time ago, I had written about my 1916 No.1, Mk.III Lee-Enfield rifle from World War I. Here now is my second Lee-Enfield, the updated No.4, Mk.I of World War II fame.


As with the No.1, the No.4 is chambered in .303 British and is fed from a 10 round magazine.

Receiver Right side (1)

This rifle differs from it’s predecessor in one aspect in that there are no markings on the right side of the receiver.


Receiver Right side (2)

Rather than being made in England, it was built in Canada at Longbranch in 1941.

Receiver Left side

The rear sight on the No.4 was relocated from the barrel; as on the No.1, to the rear of the receiver and provided a much longer sight radius. Here the ladder sight is folded down which raises the the much coarser battle sight into the sight plane.

Rear Sight Down (2)

Flipping the ladder sight up allows the much finer adjustable range peep sight to be used.

Rear Sight Up (2)

The front sight blade is well protected by the stout ears flanking it.

Front Sight (1)

The rifle’s exterior was in terrible condition when I acquired it. All the wood furniture was refinished and the metal parts were brightly blued.



Buttplate (2)

Such a handsome rifle should not suffer from generic store bought ammunition!





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