September PPC match…

Today was the next to last PPC match for the 2018 season. I started off shooting two relays with my Kimber Custom II .45ACP. My first run was dismal. A meager 455-19X out of a possible 480-48X. So I calmed down and tried to relax. My second relay was better at 464-21X. Good, but it did nothing to help my season ranking. To make any progress at all, I need to fire at least a 469!

Ok, on to the revolver. I had managed to put in some practice time since the last match. I fine tuned the hand loaded ammunition and adjusted the 25 yard zero on my .357 Magnum Colt Python. With the hardware accounted for, it was just a matter of me doing my part.

Transitioning from pistol to revolver is quite a change. Weight, balance, grip, etc. are all completely different. My first run started off well with me dropping only one point through stage “A”. Progressing through stage “B”, things started to get loose. I can’t brace my revolver against the 25 yard barricade as securely as I can with my pistol. In the end, I posted a score of 425-14X. Not great, but an improvement from last month.

One last relay for the day. I was determined to improve my score. Stage “A” went smooth with all “10”s and “X”s.

9-8-18 Revolver A

At the 15 yard line in Stage “B”, I stayed clean again with nothing outside the “10” ring! The only thing left was 18 rounds from behind the barricade at 25 yards. I focused on taking all the allotted time to finish. At the start whistle, everyone on the firing line dropped to their knees to fire six rounds from the right hand side of the barricade. I got these shots off at a moderately quick rate to give me extra time for what lay next. Using the barricade as an aid, I hauled myself back up to standing. The reload went smoothly and I switched the big magnum into my left hand. My right hand wrapped around the left and I pressed my knuckles against the barricade. Comfortable? Not at all. Steady? Barely. As smoothly as I could, I rolled the trigger back and the first of six rounds headed downrange. The shot felt horrible. Oh well, just keep going. After the last shot, I switched hands again and began my last reload. My peripheral vision informed me that my neighbors on the line were already firing their last six from the right side of their barricades. Closing the cylinder, the Colt came up to eye level and I began fast rolling the trigger. Six times, I saw the cylinder rotate to lock and the hammer fall. I had barely unloaded my wheelgun when the whistle sounded cease fire. I now had three official relays fired to be averaged for the season. And I was halfway to receiving a Police Revolver classification from the NRA. The only thing left to do was score the target.

The group was well centered except for some fliers from the barricade left side. Three “8”s and two “7”s pulled my score down from the probable mid-460s to a still respectable (for me, right now) 459-18X. My season average now stands at 432.66 points @ 90.13% October is it. One last stab at greatness.


9-8-18 Revolver B


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