Bucks County Rifle Match results…

Service Rifle:

My scores dropped from last month. My offhand continues to be my weak spot. A 435-20X out of a possible 500-50X is just terrible.


Hanseatic Match:

Mysteriously, none of the usual competitors made an appearance. Since I currently hold the high score, my M1 Garand remained in it’s case.


Swiss Schützenfest:

The competition opens with the Wettschiessen. A cold bore match firing six rounds on the A5 target (red numbers), then six more on the B4 silhouette.

August Wettschiessen (1)

The B4 is scored as shown below.


August Wettschiessen (2)

I posted my highest score so far, a 51 out of a possible 54 points! However, the match director posted a 51 as well! It’s on now!


After the usual break we continue with the Feldschiessen. Eighteen rounds for record on the B4 target. Six rounds slow fire followed by three rounds in 30 seconds. Three more again in 30 seconds and then the stage is finished with six rounds in 50 seconds. I got a little slack at the end but the resultant 60 points earned me yet another Karte!August Feldschiessen


Next up is the Einzelwettschiessen. It is fired on the A10 target as either a stand alone 10 round event or as the 15 round first half of the Meisterschaft. The cutoff is either 84 out of 100 points or 126 out of a possible 150. As I was finishing my ten shots, I knew it would be close. My tenth scored a “6” at 9 o’clock. Eighty points would not do it. I had to fire five more and they had to be mostly “9”s and “10”s. I was doing well until… a “5” reared it’s ugly head! That was it; no chance now, 123 points just 3 shy of the cutoff.

August Einselwettschiessen



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