August Police Pistol Combat…

Today was a great day on the range with a twist. The first two relays were fired with my tried and true Kimber Custom II in .45ACP. I turned in two good scores, a 468-28X and a 469-13X! This erased previous high scores of 462-24X and 467-21X. Today’s runs combined with a 469-30X from June pushed my high average to 468.66 points @ 97.63%!

Targets from my high pistol score today.

Stage A:

8-11-18 Pistol (1)

Stage B:

8-11-18 Pistol (2)

Instead of firing my pistol in the third relay, I answered a challenge issued from the previous month. I pulled my 4″ Colt Python .357 Magnum service revolver out of the arms room. I had not fired it in competition this century! I used to compete with it back in the day when revolvers ruled the PPC ranges.


I had not practiced with the Python at all and the big Colt felt strange in my hand. At the whistle though, the Colt drew smoothly from my vintage Safariland 002 holster. Six rounds fired strong hand only… six “X”s. Backing up, I reloaded the wheelgun and holstered. The next string of fire was 12 rounds in 20 seconds using both hands. Again the heavy cop gun came up and thundered six times. Reflexively, I dumped the six empties and reloaded using the Ayoob Stressfire technique. Six more times I rolled the trigger. Out of 18 rounds fired so far, I had only dropped two points!

8-11-18 Revolver (2)

After the targets were refaced, we moved back to the 15 yard line. A repeat of the previous twelve rounds, my new group opened up a bit but was well centered with all “9”s or better. To finish the course meant the 25 yard barricade stage. The weak hand side of the barricade has always been my Achilles’ Heel with a pistol. Now I had to do it with a revolver that I had not practiced with…. no sweat.

Yeah, right. First off, even though you are firing from behind cover at a greater distance, the revolver still has to be fired in the double action mode. The first six rounds are fired from the right hand side of the barricade from the kneeling position. I could not brace the revolver against the barricade as I would with a pistol due to the cylinder. After the first six rounds went down range, I stood up and reloaded then transitioned to my left hand. Firing the gun in my left hand from the left side of the barricade was awkward to say the least! As each round was fired, I kept thinking to myself “Well that felt terrible”. With the clock running down, I finished and reloaded one last time. Moving back to the right side, I tried to get the last six shots off as smoothly as possible. Once the line was cleared, we begin the walk down range for scoring.

8-11-18 Revolver (3)

Oh yeah, it was ugly. I was pushing my shots to the left with the weak side rounds ventilating the target’s arm. In the end, my tally was a 414-16X @86.25%. Now if I can just get some practice time in before next month!

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