July Rifle match results…

This past Saturday was the monthly rifle matches at the Bucks County Fish & Game Association in Doylestown, PA.


Service Rifle:

I continue to only do fair in the National Match Course. One reason was that I did not use my AR-15A2 this month. I had neglected to load up any 5.56x45mm ammunition prior to the match. Seeing how I had plenty of 7.62x51mm ready to go, I opted to compete using my semi-auto M14. I did OK, except for the standing offhand stage. Choke, choke.


Combat Rifle:

As per the rules for this match, NO competitive shooting aids are allowed. No shooting gloves, nor shooting coats are permitted. So I decided to go with the spirit of the match and wore my BDU blouse and web gear.


I did rather well firing the high score for the day. I am currently in first or second place so far this season!


Swiss Schützenfest:

The first match is the Wettschiessen. This is a slow fire cold bore match, no sighters are allowed. Six rounds on the A5 target followed by six rounds on the B4 target. Out of a possible 54 points, I turned a score of 49. This just nudged Dave’s score of 48 out of first place!

Next up is the Feldschiessen. Fired on the difficult B4 camouflage silhouette target, the rate of fire increases as the match progresses. I got loose on a couple of rounds but held it together enough to post a medal score! Another Karte to hang on the wall at the end of the season!

After a break to allow the rifles to cool down and engage in the requisite shooting competitor banter, we settled in for the Einzelwettschiessen. A precision slow fire match, it is fired on the very tightly ringed A10 target. The first six rounds went downrange well. One “8” and the rest were “9”s and “10”s. Then… it went south. The last four rounds were… ugly. When I finished I knew it was going to be close. The scoring was completed and verified by several competitors. You guessed it, I missed the cut by one point!

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