June Rifle Match recap…

Saturday’s rifle competition at the Bucks County Fish & Game Association consisted of three events. First up, the National Match Course.
Slow fire offhand. Fired standing without any support, it is ten rounds in ten minutes. This stage is my weak spot. But I did manage to nail down an OK 87-0X.



Rapid fire sitting. Ten rounds in 80 seconds with a reload partway through. I scored a much better 94-2X.



Rapid fire prone. Fired in the same time as the previous string of fire, I dropped down to an 89-2X.



Slow fire prone. Twenty rounds in twenty minutes. I was doing really well until I mashed the trigger and shanked one way low into the “6” ring. That through me off and my last two shots were both “7”s. So, my total for the relay was a 184-4X.


Today’s grand total for the NMC was a 454-8X out of a possible 500-50X for a 90.8%

The second event for the day was the Hanseatic match. This is an aggregate of scores from the Norwegian Stangskyting match and the Swedish Prisskjunting match. Unfortunately, I neglected to take any pictures to show my high score.


The last event of the day is the Swiss Schützenfest!

The first relay is the Wettschiessen. This is a cold bore match fired in two parts starting on the A5 target. No sighter shots allowed, just step up to the firing line and have at it. My tally was a 26 out of a possible 30 points.



The second part of the Wettschiessen is six more rounds fired on the unforgiving B4 camouflage silhouette target. The B4 is scored as shown here.



My first three rounds scored four points each, then I got loose and well…
Nineteen points out of a possible 24 giving a match total of 45 out of a possible 54 points.


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