June PPC match results…

The weather at this month’s PPC match in Seaford was again hot and very humid. At least this time I thought ahead and brought plenty of water to get me through.

The first relay went well earning me a 461-26X. But I had rushed it and the RO even told me how much time I had left over. So I tried to slow down for the two remaining relays. Going into the second relay, I completed Stage “A” without dropping any points. Halfway through Stage “B”, I was only down four points. Stage “B” is completed at the 25 yard barricade. The first magazine of six rounds fired kneeling from the right side felt good. Standing up, I reloaded and transitioned to the left side of the barricade. Operating my pistol with my left hand, trigger control at this juncture is always difficult for me. A couple of shots did not feel right as I continued on. When the slide locked back empty, I reloaded and switched back to the right hand side of cover. With my pistol back in my right hand, I squeezed off the remaining six rounds to finish the relay. Scoring the target, there were a pair of “8”s of to the right. The end results of my efforts; a 467-21X, my highest score so far this season!

Ok, two down, one to go.

Progressing through the last relay, I was on a roll. I cleaned Stage “A” with a perfect score of 180-18X. Moving on to Stage “B”, I finished the first half dropping only two points! But then it was time once more for the barricade. I fired the first magazine as quickly as I could while still getting accurate hits. Using the surplus of time available, I focused all I could on the next six trigger presses. Once more, the slide locked back on empty. All six shots felt pretty good. With no time to spare, the last magazine was completed just as the cease fire whistle sounded. Returning to the target line I could see that there were no holes outside of the “9” ring! Double checking the scorer’s math showed that my high average would increase again with the resultant 469-30X!

So; with four months of competition remaining, my season high average moves up to 466.00 points @ 97.08%

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