CMP Eastern Games, Day Three…

Last two chances of winning at the Games. My first effort was the Springfield Rifle match. For some reason I struggled throughout. Again; in the rapidfire, I pulled my shots low left. While I did well in standing offhand it was not enough. No medal for me.

Since I had time to kill before the Garand match, I walk along the firing line talking to friends. Towards one end of the range, a group of shooters were gathered behind the firing line. There were many female shooters competing to include numerous juniors. Here was this intrepid young lady shooting an M1A sans coat! She handled herself well and smiled the whole time she wielded the weighty beast. I made sure to shake her hand after she finished and told her we were glad more and more ladies were competing.




Finally it time for my last stab at a medal. Halfway through the slowfire prone stage I was cleaning it! Unfortunately, I heard my brain say that out loud. You guessed it… next shot was a “9”. From then on it was a battle between “9”s and “10”s. I was very happy with the resultant 97 points!


Same screen zoomed out.


The next stage was the rapidfire prone. Being mindful about past problems with sling tension, I used all the allotted time and posted a very nice 91 point finish.


Ok, two very good stages are in the record book. All I have to do is shoot fairly well in the standing position. Oh crap, I said that out loud! Each successive shot improved in value until…

I mashed the trigger and put round #5 off the reservation. I heard my scorer exclaim “What the?” While plenty of time remaining, I took a full minute to get my head back in the game. The last five shots ranged from good to ok. Due to that damned miss, my total for the stage was a 74.


My grand total for the match was 262-4X.


With no room to spare, I take home a bronze medal!



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