CMP Eastern Games, Day Two….

Today I had only one match to fire. I would be using my 1943 M1903A3 Springfield rifle.

First up as always was the slowfire prone. A pair of “9”s and an “8” reduced what should have been a clean score down to a 96.

5-4-18 M1903A3 (1)

Next up was the rapidfire prone stage. Unfortunately; I tended to lean against the sling too much, pushing my shots low left. I could live with the resultant score of 80 points, but I would have to really keep it together in the standing position to hope for a bronze medal.

5-4-18 M1903A3 (2)

Standing Offhand… my Achilles’ Heel.

Starting off with a pair of “8”s was no way to win. I steeled myself to make a perfect shot and jerked the trigger mightily! The shot went way high to the point the system couldn’t record the miss. I followed this up with a measly “7”. Each successive shot improved until I finally scored an “X”. With two rounds remaining to fire, I realized that the bronze medal was beyond my grasp. So I finished half-hearted with a lousy score of 75 points’


A total of 251-5X. Well, I still have tomorrow!

5-4-18 M1903A3 (5)

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