CMP Eastern Games Day One…

Today started off with the M1 Carbine match. The diminutive carbine is light and difficult to shoot with high precision.

5-1-17 (50)

The targets are scored electronically with the scores appearing on a tablet at the firing point. Unfortunately, the glare was very bad so the photos did not turn out. The match went off without a hitch. Through the first three stages I was doing well. Then, the standing offhand stage. My first shot was a zero! I had jerked the trigger and sent the shot a hair outside of the “5” ring. Save for a “6” and a “7”, all my remaining rounds scored “8”s and “9”s. The resultant total of 350 points garnered me a silver medal. Had I not shanked that single shot, a gold medal might have hung around my neck at the end of the day.

5-3-18 M1 Carbine (2)

My second match of the day was for the M1 Garand.

The first stage was the slowfire prone. I kept all my shots in the black dropping only five points.

5-3-18 M1 Garand (2)

The second stage is the rapidfire prone. my group was tight horizontally but strung out a bit vertically. Two slipped low into the “8” ring. Still, I was happy with a 94!

5-3-18 M1 Garand (1)

The match concludes with the dreaded standing offhand. My rifle wavered a bit more this time as evidenced by a trio of “6”s. For me though, the total of 78 points was good enough. A bronze medal was my reward!

5-3-18 M1 Garand (3)

5-3-18 M1 Garand (4)

Today’s bling.

5-3-18 (2)

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