Project M4gery completed

If you recall, I had started my M4gery carbine build. The only sticking point was that the military M4 has a 14.5″ barrel. Completely illegal to build (unless papered as an NFA firearm) since the draconian federal minimum barrel length is 16″.


M4 3

My good friend Dale Annis in Ellendale, DE has the ability to make the barrel legit.

M4 5

I dropped off the barrel and an extended flash suppressor for Dale to permanently install to ATF specifications.

M4 6

It was an easy job for him to blind pin and weld the longer suppressor in place.

M4 7

M4 8

Dale did a did a nice job reparkerizing the barrel to a uniform finish.


A lousy 1/4″ is the difference between being a felon and a subject! Ludicrous, I know.


I picked up the barrel and brought it home to complete the build.

M4 11

There it is, my semi-auto M4gery. Total cost, under $100.


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