2018 DLEMA PPC season opener….

What a way to start the Police Pistol Combat season. A sunny day in the 80’s! As usual, I fired three relays today at the Nanticoke Sportsman’s range in Seaford. This would be the first time I fired my new ammunition for record. My first relay was a throwaway as I turned in a dismal 445-21X out of a possible maximum of 480-48X.  My second relay was much better garnering at score of 462-21X. My best showing for the morning was my last relay.

Stage “A” begins with six rounds from the holster; one handed, at three yards in eight seconds. From here we back up to the seven yard line. Six rounds from the holster; two handed, then reload and fire six more in a total time of twenty seconds. Somewhere in that last string of six shots I let one slide out of the “X” ring and into the “10” ring. A near perfect score of 180-17X!

4-14-18 A

With a new repair center on the silhouette target, we carried on.

Stage “B” has us back up to the fifteen yard line. Repeat the twelve round string as fired at seven yards. The last part of the stage is fired at the twenty-five yard line from behind barricade cover. Six rounds from the holster; two handed, fired from the kneeling position around the right side of the barricade. Standing back up, reload and fire six more from the left hand side of the barricade. The handgun must be grasped in the left hand for this string! Reload again and fire six more from the right hand side of the barricade in a total time of ninety seconds. I pushed a pair of “8”to the left and another pair to the right. Combined with the results of Stage “A”, I posted a score of 462-24X!

4-14-18 B

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