First rifle matches of 2018…

Season opener for me at the Bucks County Fish & Game Atssociation in Doylestown, PA.

The day always starts off with the National Match Course. And I always struggle through it. Today was no different as I posted a dismal score of 403-1X out of a possible 500-50X.

The next match was the Combat Rifle. Using the same AR-15A2 rifle, I redeemed myself. Firing on various targets marked for ranges 90 to 450 meters, I turned in a high score for the day of 164-5V out of a possible 200-40V!

Swiss Schützenfest

My favorite part of the day…

New this year is the Wettschiessen. No fouling shots or sighters allowed. Just step up to the line and have at it. Woe unto anyone who shows up with an un-zeroed rifle.

Stage One: Six rounds slow fire on the A5 target. 28 out of 30 points.

3-24-2018 Wettscheissen (1)

Stage Two: Six rounds slow fire on the heinous B4 target.


19 out of 24 points giving me the high score of 47 out of 54 points.3-24-2018 Wettscheissen (2)

The Obligatorisches Programm is the Swiss qualification course. You must pass this. Stage One: Five rounds slow fire on the A5 target.

3-24-2018 Obligatorisches (1)

Stage Two: Five rounds slow fire on the B4 target. Then two rounds in 20 seconds followed by three rounds in 30 seconds. Finally, five rounds in 50 seconds to finish qualification. I got a little loose at the end but I made the grade.

3-24-2018 Obligatorisches (2)

The Feldschiessen.

Stage One: Six rounds slowfire followed by three rounds in 20 seconds.

3-24-2018 Feldschiessen (1)

Stage Two: Three rounds in 20 seconds, then six rounds in 50 seconds. I scored just enough for a medal score!

3-24-2018 Feldschiessen (2)


Ten rounds in 10 minutes fired on the A10 target. The scoring rings are much tighter than on the A5. Only twice last year did I fire a medal score in this match. And today I would not again. That lone shot way out in the “5” ring did me in. Come on next month!

3-24-2018 Einselwettscheissen

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