New bullet testing

For years I have been using hard cast lead round nose bullets in my Kimber Custom II for competition. Now that we are knee deep into the 21st Century, I thought was time to upgrade my match ammunition. In the box below, I am testing five different powder charges as denoted by the differing red magic marker tags on the brass.

load test (1)

The big change is a new bullet. Not only am I switching to a polymer coated bullet, I am going from round nose ball to a semi-wadcutter profile.

Test Bullet (5)

Three B-27 targets set up at 15 yards on the Southern Chester County club range.

load test (2)

In the end, 5.9 grains of Alliant Power Pistol gunpowder yielded the best results in this preliminary test.

load test (3)

A slight bit of left windage and I am there!

load test (5)

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