Schiessbuchlein review…

Here is a quick review of the updated Swiss shooter’s book as supplied by the Bucks County Fish & Game Association to competitors in their Swiss Schützenfest.


A fairly thick booklet, it provides a wealth of information. Some of the topics covered include….

A breakdown of the Swiss course of fire.


Information on using Swiss rifles in a competitive manner.


Use of the Swiss slings.



The use of diopter match sights is covered as well.



The importance of a shooter’s log is explained along with lots of blank log pages included.


Keeping track of your rifle’s round count is important.


Tuning your rifle for maximum accuracy is a vital topic.



No rifleman’s book would be complete without detailed maintenance instructions. Bucks County graciously provides this book to each new competitor upon entering their first match.











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7 Responses to Schiessbuchlein review…

  1. Burri Joel says:

    Hello, do you know, where i can purchase these Book ? im from switzerland, i never saw this one.

  2. William J Parkhurst says:

    Yes, I would like one of these, too!

  3. Ray McMahon says:

    Reading through the pages provided above I would think that this booklet has to be a great accessory for not only a newcomer to shooting Swiss rifles, but for guys like me who tend to take things for granted – until they see the error of their ways once reading a booklet like this one.
    . My first rifle was a present from an official of a particular Swiss Embassy in my own country of birth back in 1960. Despite the long passage of time since then, I still enjoy competing nowadays with my diopter-attached Hammerli models.
    There is that saying: ”One is never too old to learn”. A booklet like this has to be an essential part of everyone’s shooting bag; just the thing to take out and refresh. Order a copy if you can.

  4. Hal Gurr says:

    Great information!! Thanks… there an electronic version of his booklet for download? Or better, if you have a copy or reprint, I’d love to have a copy!!

    HD Gurr

    • The books are made by hand by our match director and he gives them out to new shooters who come to compete in the Swiss matches,we did have a few extras last year which I mailed out to several people but currently we are out

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