CMP Eastern Games, Day Three: part two

After the Garand match, I had only one chance left, the M1 Carbine match. My 1943 Underwood mfg. M1 Carbine is accurate but difficult to shoot. Carbines only weigh 5.2 pounds and have no muzzle heaviness.

5-1-17 (50)

A picture down at the berm of the new electronic targets.

5-1-17 (31)

I did fair in the slow fire prone with more than a few drifting high into the “8” ring to garner me an 85-0X. The monitors need glare free screens as you can see.

5-1-17 (32)

I got my act together in the rapid fire prone stage. I was more than happy with a 94-2X!

5-1-17 (36)

The Carbine Match has an additional stage, the rapid fire sitting. I have never found a comfortable posture in this position. Several shots were stringing vertically while the group stayed tight horizontally. Still, an 87-1X kept me in the running.

5-1-17 (42)

Last stage, one more stab at the slow fire standing without support. A lightweight carbine in heavy gusting winds is a royal bitch to hold steady. The heavy winds pushing on me caused some more vertical stringing. I was able to hold steady enough to post a 74-1X. My total for the match was a 338-4X…..

5-1-17 (44)

Which was enough to earn me a bronze medal!

5-1-17 (9)

As a bonus, I won a brand new high grade finish M1 Garand stock set in today’s raffle!

5-1-17 (1)

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