CMP Eastern Games, Day Two…

My second day had only a single match to fire. I decided to take a second run with my 1943 M1903A3 Springfield rifle

4-30-17 (13)

My slow fire prone improved over yesterday with a 97-3X.

4-30-17 (10)

The rapid fire stayed the same with an 83-0X. While the string grouped well, the center of the group shifted low left due to me pushing against the sling too much.

4-30-17 (11)

Then the slow fire standing stage….

The string started crappy with a “6”, then improved with several “8’s” and “9’s”. Then I mashed the trigger to sent a shot high in the “5” ring. The rest of the remaining shots would have to be “9’s” or “10’s”. As you can see, they were not.

4-30-17 (12)

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