CMP Eastern Games, Day Three: part one

My last day at the Eastern Games. Rough weather was threatening the area and as you can see, the red range flag whipping hard.

5-1-17 (28)

Today would the last chance for my 1943 M1 Garand rifle to win any medals. The first stage is the slow fire prone. I was doing quite well until my eighth shot. I mashed the trigger and sent a round south. Nevertheless, I managed a total of 92-2X.

5-1-17 (5)

Next up was the rapid fire prone. The first three rounds out of the gate were dead on. Then a “6” spoiled it. Even though I manage an “X” later, I was rattled. Total for the stage, an 81-2X. Not good.

5-1-17 (10)

The last hurrah for the Garand, the dreaded standing without support. I would have to do really good here to earn anything. I was faring well until the next to the last shot. I jerked the trigger and dashed any hope. An 85-0X would only give me a total of 258-4X.

5-1-17 (12)


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