Last match before the Eastern Games….

Today was the Garand match at Kimberton Fish & Game. The 100 yard range does not have pits so the targets are arrayed on a backer board in front of the berm. There are eight firing lanes, each with a pair of targets. The match is conducted in two stages. The first stage is five sighter rounds not for score in the left target in five minutes. Then ten rounds for record are fired from the prone position on the right target in ten minutes. The targets are then scored and repaired. The second stage starts with rapid fire. Starting in the standing position, the rifle is loaded with two rounds with the chamber empty. On the fire command, the shooter drops into the prone position and chambers the first round. Firing on the left target, the shooter fires both rounds then reloads with a full clip of eight rounds. These are also fired into the left target for a total of ten rounds for record. The last event of the match is the standing slow fire. Ten rounds in ten minutes fired at the right target. Standing without use of the sling. The best possible total score is 300-30X.


First is the sighter target. However there are six bullet holes!

4-23-17 Sighters

That’s right, I fired my first record shot into the sighter target! With only nine rounds for score, the best I could hope for is a 90-9X. A few slid wide netting me an 87-1X

.4-23-17 Prone

Well this rattled me going into the rapid fire stage. This stage is fired in 80 seconds. Plenty of time if your head is screwed on right. I machine gunned it in half the time for an 86-1X.

4-23-17 Rapid

I managed to calm down some going into the standing stage. Unfortunately a “6” and a “7” creeped in to drop my score to an ok 84-0X.

My match total for the day was a 257-2X @ 85.66%. I should have been around 270.

4-23-17 Standing

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