Project M4gery…

Looking around my bench stock, I have one BCI Defense stripped lower receiver left. The six position adjustable buttstock and A2 pistol grip were left over from when Mary’s rifle was upgraded. I still have to trade for a bolt carrier group, fire control group and buffer. The flattop upper receiver assembly has M4 feed ramps and was acquired in a trade.


Why an upper with M4 ramps? Some years ago, I had acquired a USGI M4 barrel. In order for it to be legal as a non-NFA part, an extended flash suppressor has to be permanently affixed to the barrel. This brings the barrel length to just over 16″.


It is ludicrous that this length difference can mess your life up with the ATF if you use the barely shorter stock M16A2 flash suppressor. I will drop the barrel and suppressor off to my buddy Dale Annis of Annis Arms in Ellendale, DE for the ATF approved permanent installation.


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