The elder of the arms room…

Recently, I was discussing on Facebook the fact that my Colt Army Special revolver will be 100 years old next year. It completely slipped my mind that my British Short Magazine, Lee-Enfield No. 1, Mk III was built 101 years ago.


Above and behind the trigger is the stamp denoting the place and year of manufacture.


The crown of Georgius Rex (King George).

Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited. 1916.


Straddling the bolt is the charger bridge which facilitated fast reloading of the nominally fixed ten round magazine.


The open notch rear sight is optimistically graduated for the .303 British cartridge out to 2000 yards.


The iconic SMLE nose cap sports substantial ears to protect the front sight and provides a mount for a bayonet.


The front sight blade.




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2 Responses to The elder of the arms room…

  1. tappo says:

    The nose-cap is a WW2 version of Australian Litghow and the protection of rear sight is mounted in reverse

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