Back from the shop…

Last May; after the carbine match at the CMP Eastern Games, I dropped my M1 off at the armorer’s trailer. I explained that I was having some mechanical issues with the carbine and that the accuracy was low. I knew the barrel was toast and requested that a new one be installed. The armorer explained that he had a quite a work backlog and didn’t know when he could get to it. I told him to take it back with him to the Custom Shop since I wouldn’t need it until the 2017 Games. This past fall I was contacted by Jeremy at the shop and informed that a work order was assigned and he would get back to me after his technical inspection.

Shortly thereafter, he called and said that the barrel was indeed trashed and that a new bolt was needed as well. Not one to rush people working on my stuff, I told him to take his time as the holidays were looming. As long as I got it sometime in March so I could practice with in the warming weather would be fine.

Earlier this week I got a text from FedEx that a package requiring an adult signature would arrive Friday! When I got home from work, a long cardboard box was waiting for me. Inside the box I was surprised to see that they sent my carbine home in a new soft case!


Although it was unnecessary, I verified the serial number even though I knew it was mine. The trigger guard still bore the previous year’s match inspection sticker.


Sure enough, a new Criterion barrel was ready to be broken in.


Jeremy had even sent along the old barrel and bolt along with three test fire cases.


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