Project A4…

Several years ago after the AW ban faded into the sunset, I acquired a BCI Defense stripped lower receiver from Chris at Federal Firearms. His price was so low I grabbed a pair of them for whatever the future might hold. Through judicious horse trading, I had procured many other parts to bring another AR-15 into being. One of the parts on hand was the last of a group of USGI M16A2 barrel assemblies that I had gotten out of Aberdeen Proving Ground in the 1990s. The camouflage painted buttstock assembly and handguards came from Mary’s AR-15 that I had since updated to a collapsible stock and set of quad rails. The flattop upper was purchased for next to nothing. The detachable rear sight/carrying handle was military surplus that I got for a favor. Up until recently scoring the upper receiver, I had assembled the lower and set it aside for forseeable future.img_7495

The most difficult thing with building an AR is installing the barrel. Difficult in that it takes five to ten minutes to do!img_7590


Barrel installation is complete and the gas tube is pinned in place.img_7594

With the M16A2 handguards in place, the rifle is starting to come together.img_7596

The surplus rear sight/carrying handle is cosmetically rough but mechanically good to go.img_7597

Bringing everything together.img_7603

The rifle is now basically complete save for acquiring a bolt carrier group and a charging handle. With only around $100.00 out of pocket so far, I know that I will be able to strike a deal with one of my cohorts!img_7606


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2 Responses to Project A4…

  1. Fritz says:


    Say what you will but the with the correct ammunition and a Norwegian sling set up they do not make a bad CMP/NRA starter rifle, as is (though as one ages going to a smaller rear aperture will help a lot).

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