Christmas present troubleshooting…

One of my neighborhood friends got a Ruger SR22 pistol for Christmas. She took it to the range almost immediately to try it out. I have images of Ralphie running out the backdoor with his Red Ryder in my head!

Well, don’t you know she contacted me and said that her brand new pistol was malfunctioning. Her dismay was palpable, sort of like the Bumpus hounds destroying the Christmas turkey!

No fear, I told her that I would take her to my club on Friday and we would troubleshoot her new roscoe. As luck would have it, Friday arrived with rotten weather in attendance. Not wanting to delay her in having a reliable pistol, I told her and her husband to come to my house. I have a bullet trap in the garage that permits me to shoot rimfires at home up to 10 meters.

Disregard the throwing star in the foreground, that was from a different practice session.


Upon their arrival that Friday, I did a function check on the Ruger. No issues there. I could feel and hear some dragging when I manually worked the slide. After some additional lubricant and about fifty cycles by hand, the slide moved much more smoothly. After a few magazines of Federal AutoMatch ammunition were run through the pistol, several stoppages occurred. Each malfunction was a case of failure to fully extract and eject the fired case. The empty cartridge case would re-chamber, resulting in a stoppage. After proper lubrication; the next solution to try was of course, different ammunition. I had a supply of Federal 36gr. high speed fodder on hand to try in her pistol.

You guessed it. The SR22 digested multiple magazines of the new rounds flawlessly. A Christmas miracle! The smile on her face was priceless. Other than some vertical stringing due to not being used to holding a pistol at arm’s length, she showed great promise.

Ladies… another one has joined your ranks.


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