Norwegian Stangskyting rifle match….

The first half of Saturday’s double header was the Stangskyting match. It was rainy so the lighting was completely different than it was during practice. One hundred yards and twenty-five seconds for sixteen rounds. Since I was firing my M1 Garand, I had to start with my rifle shouldered and the action open. On the command to fire, I lowered my rifle and loaded the first en-bloc clip of eight rounds. I triggered the first eight shots as fast as I could at the “A” target while maintaining some sort of sight picture. The empty clip ejected itself and I slammed the second one in. The next eight roared downrange at the rate of one a second. A moment after the clip launched itself from my empty rifle, the command to cease fire was shouted. Catching my breath, I looked through the spotting scope at my target. A few holes in the white, but a lot in the black!


Next up, do the same thing on the “B” target. This time I got a little loose and several shots went high and left.


After the line was cleared we walked the 100 yards to the target line. Fred; the match director, began scoring the targets as I nervously walked the line looking at my fellow competitors’ targets. Evidently, not everyone got all their shots off in the alotted time. I heard several comment that I had a big lead! I wasn’t going to fret over my score as it was clear I was going into the elimination round! Once the scoring was complete, we headed back to the firing line to get ready for the finale. The top four shooters now had to put two rounds each into two “A” and two “B” targets. Eight rounds with no time limit except that the first shooter done stops all the others from firing!

For the elimination round, we started in the standing position with our rifles loaded and on safe. Our rifles were unslung with the butt on the ground. When the command to fire was given, we dropped to the prone position and had at it. I wanted to get some more hits on target but I needed to shut the others down fast. I hammered away, about a shot a second. All so quickly; my rifle ran dry, the clip ejecting with it’s iconic ping. That was it…. cease fire. Again not everyone got all their shots off.

As we walked downrange again, my heart was racing. As the scores were tallied, I looked over my targets. Four of the eight rounds found their mark. Once all the scoring was complete, Fritz declared me the winner!




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6 Responses to Norwegian Stangskyting rifle match….

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well done John, you earned that win the old fashioned way.

  2. David Read says:

    I just found this. Ever since a recent posting on a forum about Stangskyting, our local club here in Idaho has been thinking about holding some matches this summer. What we lack, is a source of “regulation” targets. I’ve found the height and width dimensions, but do not have all the dimensions to accurately recreate the geometry. It appears that your club has found the targets, or are they reduced? The 1/4 target seems a bit small.

    Anyway, if you have a source would you send me (or post it here) a link , or other contact info? I’d appreciate that.



    PS That was some good shooting. The game is more difficult than it looks. But, more fun as well.

  3. Hi David
    I will ask the match director next weekend about where he got the targets. The targets are reduced for use at 100 yards.

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