Combined practice…

More practice for the Stangskyting match later this month.


I have gotten my time down to the allowed maximum of twenty-five seconds in which to fire all sixteen rounds. However, my accuracy suffered in the process!

Not great.


A bit better.


Today was also my last chance to practice for the last PPC match of the season. Since the left side of the barricade (weak hand) has always been my Achilles’ Heel, I focused most of my practice on it.

I brought my own barricade since the club has none.


For a warm up, I fired a six round string from the right hand side.


A 58-2X out of a possible 60-6X.


Now a string of six from the weak hand side.


As usual, I am pushing shots to the right. With a big fat zero just outside of the “7” ring.


Adjusting my hold off shows some improvement.


My last magazine fired for the day nets me a 58-4X!



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