A good day on the range!

This weekend’s CMP match was on a comfortable cool day. The sun conditions; however, were horrible.


Using all of the alloted ten minutes in the slow fire prone, I managed to pull off an excellent 98-3X!


In the rapid fire standing to prone stage, I got a little loose. While eighty seconds is usually a long time, today’s range conditions made it challenging. Light shining through the back side of the target made spotting the hits difficult. Still, I was happy with the 89-2X.


The last stage as always was the standing offhand. Ten rounds in ten minutes without support. This is always my weak point. Never the less, I managed a respectable 83-0X.

Match total for the day was a 270-5X out of a possible 300-30X!

I’ll take a 90% score any day!




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