September PPC match results

Next to the last pistol match of the season was held this past Saturday. Over the last two month’s my progress has been stalled. I do well until the left hand portion of the barricade stage. This is where it falls apart for me.

On my best relay for the day, I begin with an excellent score of 180-17X!


I continue to do well out to 25 yards. One string of fire at the 25 yard line is 6 rounds from the left side of the barricade. This string must be fired with the pistol grasped in the left hand. Six rounds, 60 potential points. Two of those rounds went wide to the right. One bullet dinged the “7” ring for seven points. The other…….

A couple of inches to the left would have earned me at least seven more points. A relay total of 469-20X  would have helped my season high average of 467 points @ 98.29%. A 462-20X does not.



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