August CMP rifle match results

Sunday was this month’s CMP match at Kimberton Fish & Game. As usual, I competed with my M1 Garand. Slow fire prone starts the match and consists of ten rounds in ten minutes. I started off really well with all shots in the “10” and “X” rings. As the stage progressed, I was pushing against the sling too much and as you can see, several went south. My total for the stage was a 91-1X.

8-28-16 Prone

The match continues with the rapid fire standing to prone stage. From the standing position, drop down to prone and chamber the first round. Fire two rounds, reload with eight and finish in 80 seconds. I used all the allotted time and paid close to my sling tension. It paid off with a 98-2X!

8-28-16 Rapid

After the happiness of my rapid fire score, my Achilles Heel loomed ahead. The slow fire standing offhand stage. Ten rounds in ten minutes standing without a sling for support. My shots circled the “X” ring… at a distance as I jerked the trigger repeatedly. My total for the stage was a meager 73-0X.

Fortunately for the two previous stages, my match final was a decent 262-3X.

8-28-16 Standing

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