June Swiss rifle match results….

Stage one of the Obligatorisches Programm. Scored on the A5 target, I ended up with a 20. I have done better, but this is OK.

6-24-16 O1

Stage two of the Obligatorisches Programm. Towards the end of the string I was pushing too much against the sling and strung three rounds south. I ended up with a total of 65 for the Obligatorisches.

6-24-16 O2

Stage one of the Feldschiessen. My shots are stringing vertically. The flyer at 12 o’clock was totally my fault.

6-24-16 F1

Stage two of the Feldschiessen. I could feel myself getting sloppy, keeping the sweat out of my eyes was a chore. Nevertheless, my total for the Feldschiessen was 57 points. The minimum needed to earn another certificate!

6-24-16 F2

The Einzelwettschiessen. What can I say? I have come close to earning something in this tough stage… but NOT today. Scored on the A10 target, I posted a dismal 53 points.

6-24-16 E


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