Police Pistol Progress!

I had a great day in Seaford. Firing my usual three relays for the day, my season high average came up significantly. My first relay fired was a warm up with a 455-24X. While not great, it did wipe out last month’s dismal 450-11X! My next relay was much better with a 464-17X. This eliminated the morning’s first score from the season score for record.

As usual, my third relay was the best for the day. I cleaned the first stage with a perfect 180-18X! The bullet hole just under the “X” ring just broke the line. Thank heavens for big fat .451″ bullets!

May 1

Second stage of the relay. At the 15 yard line I was hitting mostly all “10”s and “X”s. Moving back to the 25 yard line at the barricade is where I make it or break it. Six rounds kneeling from the right side of the barricade followed by six rounds standing left handed from the left side. The stage is finished with six more rounds standing from the right side of the barricade. All eighteen rounds to be fired in 90 seconds. I finished well with only three rounds high into the “8” ring. This last relay scored a 465-25X which eliminated April’s 461-18X. My high average now jumps from 459.66 points @ 95.76% to 465.66 points @ 97.01%!

May 2


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